A safe grip on steep stairs
Trafikskolen in Esbjerg

At Trafikskolen in Esbjerg, the employees felt much safer using a very steep staircase after a new handrail was installed. The handrail was constructed specifically to this staircase in a combination of KAG pipes and KAG fittings and could easily be adjusted to fit the existing stairs.

Identified safety issues

Trafikskolen was challenged by a very steep staircase, which didn’t have a safe handrail and railing. The employees felt unsafe using the stairs and were afraid of falling, when using the stairs, because it didn’t have a safe handrail with a good grip.

Safety solutions

When the owner of Trafikskolen, Syrak heard about the KAG solution through Acurail, he was immediately convinced that this would be the right solution, as the KAG pipes and fitting would fulfil the need for a handrail and a railing with a safer grip. The fact that it could be made to fit the existing stairs and the landing made it even more attractive.


  • Improved safety for everyone who uses the stairs.
  • An improved and safer grip, when using the stairs.

“The KAG profiles can be used to establish a very flexible handrail with a safe grip. Shortly after the handrail was installed, the employees were sure that the KAG installation had increased their safety at work. I strongly recommend the KAG products to everyone. It is our responsibility that safety is top priority at work.”

Syrak Underbjerg, Owner, Trafikskolen in Esbjerg

Become a dealer of KAG products

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