Become a Distributor

KAG is a unique production method and the KAG KR 2000 machine is developed for producing the pipes with the kagged design (twist pattern). Acurail has exclusive rights on the machine and the production method in Europe, but you have the possibility to let the machine be a part of your production unit.

If you have production facilities where you think that the KAG KR 2000 machine would suit your needs or if you have a need for a large number of KAG pipes as part of your final product, you have the possibility of getting a KAG KR 2000 machine installed at your facility.

KAG Machine KR 2000

The machine transforms round standard pipes in most metals into KAG pipes. The machine produces KAG pipes according to the specifications, which are tested and verified by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia.

If you need further information about the machine and the possibilities for having your own KAG Machine KR 2000 as part of your production facilities, please do not hesitate to contact CEO Torben Pedersen.

Distributor of KAG handles and fittings

KAG handles and fittings are available in several standard sizes for several different purposes. They can be custom made in other sizes, thicknesses and materials in order to fit a special need.

If you find the KAG handles and fittings suitable for being part of your product range, it is possible to become a dealer of KAG handles and fittings. Please do not hesitate to contact CEO Torben Pedersen for further information.

KAG machine KR 2000

Become a dealer of KAG products

Acurail is looking for dealers of KAG products in Europe. The machine that transforms round standard tubes to KAG pipes with the unique profile, can now become part of your production.

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