Continuous Safety for Miners
Precision Maintenance QLD (Underground Mining)

Miners at Precision Maintenance QLD operating Continuous Miner Machines have become safer on the platform, due to more effective and versatile handrails.

Identified Safety issues

Precision Maintenance had experienced numerous safety incidents, with operators slipping on the Continuous Miner Machine platform.

The platform’s ‘standard’ handrail provided little grip, causing a number of miners to fall to the floor and causing broken fingers.

Precision Mining identified a number of necessary improvements, including a more effective and versatile handrail design. This was a critical and urgent need for all machines, given the clear safety issues and differing heights, shapes and materials.

Safety solutions

Customised yellow KAG Safety Rails were the perfect solution – offering superior grip, improved safety and suitability for all three Continuous Miner Machines.


  • Consistently positive feedback from all operators using the handrails.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and holding of ‘spares’ due to consistency between machines.

“Quality and design of the product is excellent. The team had a solution for us by the end of the day that we all felt would work great.”

Mick Sigsworth, Precision Maintenance QLD (Underground Mining)

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