Health Facilities & Aged Care

How important is the safety of your patients? KAG Safety Rail is an innovative, cost-effective solution to maximise the safety and comfort of patients, residents and staff.

Enhancing health and well-being – and promoting quality of life – are what hospitals and aged-care facilities are all about.

Providing the right support tools and safety measures can prevent accidents and injuries, while encouraging recovery, mobility and independence.

We are proud to help sick, frail and aging persons – and their carers – to live everyday life with more confidence.

KAG Rail products include:

  • grip rails for general mobility, exercise support
  • and wet areas like hydrotherapy pools
  • shower assist rails and toilet assist rails
  • bed rails
  • straight disability rails
  • towel racks
  • safety balustrades

Become a dealer of KAG products

Acurail is looking for dealers of KAG products in Europe. The machine that transforms round standard tubes to KAG pipes with the unique profile, can now become part of your production.

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