Ladders that Matters
Seqwater (Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority)

Workers at Seqwater continuously move up and down the ladders into the dams. A KAG handrail improves grip and provides control and safety.

Identified Safety Issues

Seqwater needed to modify the ladder design for a radial gate used to control water flow at one of its dams. Safety was a critical issue because workers couldn’t make hand contact with the existing safety rail as soon as they reached the top tread of the ladder.

Safety Solutions

Installing a KAG Safety Rail not only meant workers could reach the handrail immediately – it also provided greatly improved control and safety due to KAG’s clever design.


Significantly improved grip, safety and worker confidence in wet or dry conditions

“The top railing certainly has more grip. The top rails of other ladders have become polished due to years of use and we feel this would make them more difficult to hold onto if falling. We feel sure that if we stumbled on the ladder [with the KAG Railing] we would have better chance of recovering due to additional grip.”

Doug Grigg, Seqwater (Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority)

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