Boating and Marine

How important is the safety of your passengers? The KAG Safety Rail is simply your smartest step to enhance safety and comfort, preventing injury and providing lifesaving devices in smooth and rough seas.

From rescue boats to naval vessels, cruise ships and leisure crafts – being on the water is an unpredictable and often unstable environment. The KAG Safety Rail provides the best grip for sailors in any conditions.

On good days, you want skippers, crew, staff and guests to steady themselves easily, move around without fear of falling, and enjoy their time out on the water.

On bad days, safety becomes even more crucial when it involves rough weather, big seas, emergency situations and life-or-death rescues. This is when the need for ‘real’ grip becomes a reality.

The KAG Safety Rails are proven in the marine environment, providing the best grip and significantly less ‘slip’ in any conditions or situation. It means you can focus on the task at hand, or simply relax and enjoy the water safely!

The KAG Safety Rail can be used to:

  • maximise hand grip on handrails, stairs, grab rails, balustrading and walkways in all conditions – even if the vessel isn’t upright
  • minimise slips, accidents, injuries and strains
  • provide reliable and critical assistance and ‘real’ grip in emergency situations

Become a dealer of KAG products

Acurail is looking for dealers of KAG products in Europe. The machine that transforms round standard tubes to KAG pipes with the unique profile, can now become part of your production.

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