Mining, Energy and Resources

Working in the mining, energy and resources sector poses unique safety challenges. At Acurail, we know that you can’t afford second-rate safety equipment that puts your workers and business at risk every day.

It can be a tough and unforgiving environment and there are risks at almost every step. The risk of slipping and falling is high, causing injuries, loss of productivity and insurance claims. Especially, working at heights, on large vehicles, handling steep stairs and ladders in challenging conditions poses a big risk.

We focus on getting the crucial safety ‘basics’ right, so you can focus on the job with confidence. Our breakthrough solutions deliver what you need, when you need it the most – including proven, superior grip to ensure stability and prevent falls. They include the KAG Safety Rail which can be used as its name suggests and for grab rails, ladder rails and hand rails.

We produce exceptionally strong products and develop clever ways to make complex jobs easier and safer.

KAG Safety Rails reduce risks at every step:

  • the risk to slip, trip and fall – causing injuries, loss of productivity and insurance claims
  • working at heights, on large vehicles and in confined spaces – often surrounded by machines, potentially dangerous equipment and high voltages
  • negotiating steep stairs and ladders
  • challenging conditions, including wet areas and underground work in dark or low-lit spaces.

Become a dealer of KAG products

Acurail is looking for dealers of KAG products in Europe. The machine that transforms round standard tubes to KAG pipes with the unique profile, can now become part of your production.

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