Drilling platform & Offshore

If you are working at sea, safety is a decisive factor! Accidents due to falls and slips because of slippery handles and rails must be avoided at all costs. KAG Safety Rail provides an extra grip under all conditions.

Life offshore is often characterized by the weather and the conditions may change in a short period of time. Safety must be top priority and the employees should be able to move around safely at any time. With KAG rails and handles, it will be much safer to move around, and you will be able to have a safe grip despite weather conditions.

KAG pipes can be used for rails on platforms, ladders, stairs and covers and provide a safe grip under dry, wet and oily conditions.

The KAG products will make life offshore safer and make it possible for the employees to move around safely and with a safe grip, preventing and avoiding working accidents.

KAG pipes, handles and rails can be used for:

  • Maximizing the grip of the hand on rails, stairs, ladders and covers
  • Minimizing industrial injuries
  • Providing a safe grip under all conditions, whether dry, wet or oily.

Become a dealer of KAG products

Acurail is looking for dealers of KAG products in Europe. The machine that transforms round standard tubes to KAG pipes with the unique profile, can now become part of your production.

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